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My Prayer
Nov 07, 2002

My Prayer

This was my prayer just after I received the phone call from the police, that Gordie was in emergency at our local hospital, July 28, 2002.

Father, if he can't come through this whole, take him.

I have wondered about this prayer. It came so spontaneously. I had no knowledge about how serious his injuries were. The policeman on the other end of the phone said "I don't want to alarm you, (easy) but you had better come to the hospital(telling). Part of me was expecting to see a slightly inebriated young man sitting on the side of a cot with a rueful grin and a bandage somewhere. I knew that he had been partying. But, deeper within me I knew that he was severely injured. We arrived to see my Gordie, his body looking so beautiful, his face was him, his head was swollen. Deep, deep within, I knew he was almost gone. My middle son said - "He is here but only just here." Other family members came quickly. The kind young doctor, who obviously felt badly, eased us gently into the medical realities. The lights were bright. The policeman gave us a small package of Gordies belongings - the keys to his prized jeep, jewellery, coins and bills. They told us he had been assaulted. His dad questioned the police about details. He was whisked off for tests and returned after a half hour, which was a minute, a day and a lifetime all at once. We gathered around him and my daughter and her husband led prayer for his recovery. A girl who had been there phoned the hospital. She asked how he was and told us more details. My oldest son started preparing himself for the worst - I could see on his face. Then they took him out of the hospital, to the plane and flew him to Edmonton for surgery. That was the last time my babes was in his home town with his family all around him. My babes, my babes - you left us so young - not 24 yet. I was already thinking about your birthday, though it was months ahead. That birthday has come and gone. We lit a candle for you. I have thought about my prayer, which was answered. His Heavenly Father took him home, as he was not whole. He is now.

Joan Benoit - Gordies Mum
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