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Sep 05, 2002

My name is Jamie and I was 37 weeks pregnant with our son Mark. On 7-21-02 I awoke to a normal Sunday morning. My husband and our other four children were making breakfast. I had a cup of coffee I ate a bagel around 10:00am I felt the baby moving shortly after that, sadly for the last time. I began to get some of the kids stuff ready for a 1:00pm birthday party. I had some mild stomach cramps. I went to the bathroom thought that would make me feel better. I just ignored the pain thought they were false contractions and went down to do a load of laundry. I was on the phone with my friend and I told her about the pain it was non-stop and I told her I feel like I could push. It was just getting worse. I went back upstairs and I felt a leak I went to the bathroom to check it out. I looked down to see that my water did break and there was blood. I yelled for my husband that it was time! get me the phone. The doctor said I will meet you at the hospital my husband called my sister to come over and sit with the kids. I washed up got dressed and left within 15 minutes. As we were driving to the hospital we got pulled over by the police. He let us go no escort though. I had been at that point gushing water they stopped me in the ER to tell me what I already knew, Yes my water did break and I was dilated 3cm. I got upstairs and they put the monitor on, and everyone seemed so frantic then they were saying that is the mother's heartbeat, lets try internal monitor, then I guess that was not working they got an ultrasound machine in there and they were looking and nothing, My husband kept trying to reassure me everything was okay, then the doctors looked at me and said we are sorry your baby has passed away. All I could say was, well can't you do something? and they said no. My doctor finally came in and explained it as a complete placental abruption. I delivered our son Mark at 4:16pm weighing in at 6lbs14oz.20in.long. I keep replaying in my mind what I could have done differently, My doctor says it was nothing I did and that since it was a complete abruption he would have had to be at my house to give me a c-section. This is so hard to go through. I am getting better I can sleep a little better now and I have eaten ice cream without feeling guilty, Ive been able to stay focused on my living children and even a movie here and there. We still all miss you though Mark we wanted you to be here with us. We know you are with us in our hearts and in spirit We will love you always and forever.
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