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There Is A Purpose
Dec 29, 2001

We were so happy when I first found out that we were going to have a baby. We had just been married 4 months and we were anxious to start a family. I went to the doctor for the first initial visit and got the prenatal information, vitamins, due date, etc. I was so happy. My older sister was expecting her second child and we had the same due date! My grandmother had given me some baby items - blankets, booties and some more little things. They were pink and white and I just knew I would have a little girl. I would look at these things and daydream about when the baby would be here. I was feeling fine and not having morning sickness that happens to so many women when they are expecting. My husband and I were staying at my grandparents' house, taking care of my granddaddy while my grandmother was away. I started spotting and it really scared me. I had no pain, but I called the doctor and he said to go to bed and and gave me a prescription to take. I really was so naive that I thought God would not allow me to lose my baby. I knew there was a possiblity, but no, not to me. So I was surprised when I got up and had to go to the bathroom and my water broke. I felt something pass when I was in the bathroom, but I still had no idea that it was my baby. We went to the hospital and yes, I had lost the baby. I was so devastated and felt like I could not have any children. It's been almost 30 years ago, but I remember how much it hurt. We did have 3 healthy children later and now have 2 precious grandchildren. I didn't know why I had to lose my baby, but I did know that God is in control and He helped us through that difficult time. There is a purpose for everything. This past year our daughter-in-law lost a baby through miscarriage. I fully understood her pain and loss. Going through what I had earlier helped me help her. One can have sympathy with others, but when you have walked down that same road you can really know how they are feeling and be able to tell them that, yes, you can survive. Your experiences will make you bitter or better. Let God help you get better.
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