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The SilentGrief Newsroom is your eyes and ears for news that affects your life. I've made a committment to ensure that you get the news and information that shape our SilentGrief community, and in turn that shape the way our world grieves.
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Jimmy and Natalie Hinton Join Silent Grief Retreat Team
Posted By Clara Hinton   |  Jan 14, 2008

Jimmy Hinton – Silent Grief Retreat Speaker

Jimmy Hinton is the son of Clara Hinton and the middle child of 11 children. He graduated in 2001 from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas with a B.A. in Bible and Religion. He graduated in May of 2007 from Harding University Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, Tennessee with a Master of Divinity. Upon graduation he received the Jack P. Lewis Ministry of Study award—an honor given to students who have demonstrated significant interest in academic scholarship while maintaining an outstanding grade point average and reputable standing among university faculty, staff, and students.

He and his wife Natalie moved from Arkansas to Friedens, Pennsylvania in January of 2007. Jimmy is well-rounded and enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, camping, farming, working on cars, training dogs, reading, and is currently driving 18-wheeler.

Jimmy has volunteered in several areas and taken classes that have helped him develop his passion to minister to people who are trying to steer from the path of grief onto the tracks of healing and hope.

o Took Providence and Suffering at graduate school
o Visits nursing homes and hospitals
o Volunteers as preacher at several congregations
o Was part of several Christian campaign groups, including one to Germany and Switzerland
o Coordinated several community outreach programs
o Worked as volunteer youth minister

Much like his mother, Jimmy is convinced that there is a universal commonality among every human on earth—a commonality that knows no racism or cultural gaps and has plagued each and every human since the beginning of time. It’s something we can run from but we certainly can never hide from. This commonality is none other than Grief! Though it is painfully tragic, it becomes a starting place for us. While Grief manifests itself in various forms—from divorce, to depression, to death—we can all honestly say that we’ve experienced it in one form or another. Jimmy’s passion to minister to people stems from the idea that we all begin with grief and need to help each other along life’s journey that ends in hope.
Natalie Hinton – Program Coordinator

Natalie Hinton graduated from Harding University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master of Education in Reading. She has taught preschool for 2 years and is currently substitute teaching in the Somerset, Pennsylvania area.

Natalie has been happily married to Jimmy Hinton for two and a half years. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, working on cars, spending time with family, and training dogs.

Natalie will be working with the Silent Grief Retreat in the capacity of Program Coordinator. She will be taking care of registration and will be handling all of the details that go into running a smooth retreat. Natalie is extremely organized and detail oriented, and has already begun to take care of many of the items such as planning healthy snacks, planning for lots of free time to do such things as go hiking, and sit around the campfire. No, you don’t have to bring your own firewood. The Program Coordinator has already taken care of that detail!

We’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend of healing and relaxation. Be watching for details concerning registration for the October 10 – 12 Silent Grief Retreat!


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